To the best dad

Growing up in a female dominated house, alot of times I used to think about how my dad feels and deals with being surrounded by females all the time. Back in the days, I was never friends with my dad. If anything I used to be scared of him. His word was the last one where […]

Passport dreams

Everytime when I am travelling and going through the long and tedious process of applying for a visa, I vouch to look into getting a passport that will not require me to fill forms that are long and neverending. Hence, needless to say I love looking up into immigration options and different investment programs. So what […]

Happy Ramzaan

I may not be the most religious or spiritual person, but somehow I always look forward to ramzaan. Though over the years ramzaan has had a tendency to remind me that I am growing old, fast. I dont look forward to opening iftaar anywhere other than home and the idea of doing sehri somewhere out […]

Sister story

After having loads and loads of money in the bank account, sisters are the second best thing that can happen to you. Hailing from a family of three sisters, moi being the eldest, I can vouch that the drama never ends and there is not a single moment of dullness. I can say this with calmness […]

When love and love collide

Last month I took a big big step. I resigned from my almost 8 year old job. A job that gave me the comfort to work from home. A job where I could afford to work on my own pace. A job where surprisingly my boss was a very understanding person. A job that didnt […]

Shooting people

I am always asked what I love most about my work. And I always reply, shooting people! Back in college, when I was learning the ropes and spending endless hours in the dark room, I had vouched that I will never ever do people photography. There are ample of other things to shoot and enjoy. […]