Your Allah Mian or Mine?

I am not one of the very good muslims. Yes, I try to pray regularly, include the good things in my to do list, etc etc. But I still manage to lack behind. But even through all of this one thing that is a regular is my conversations with Allah Mian. You know how everyone […]

Alchemy of desire

Love is not the greatest glue between two people. Sex is. Opening line of Alchemy of Desire Tarun J Tejpal ps: I have posted this quite a few times before. Somehow this opening line always makes me think.

Terrible twos already?

Dearest Zoey, They say time flies when you are having fun…I must say they are right. Its been 2 years since you decided to be a part of our family and must I say that the past two years have really been fun, mashallah. The first year was a big milestone for us as parents, […]

Something about mommies

Since childhood I remember ama leaving us with the 2 set of grand parents and jet setting away. I know it may not sound right, but we as kids used to love it. You know when the parents are travelling, grandparents become extra nice, all khalas and mamoos make it a point to keep you […]

My materialistic wishlist

I am not a big shopping fan. I know that comes across as surprising. But I will buy what I like and thats that. No roaming about. No comparing prices. Nothing. I m a dream come true for the shop keepers. But since a few days I have been compiling a mental shopping wishlist that […]

Mama and Zoey series

Exactly 15 days shy of entering the second year, inshallah, Zoey is becoming more of a company to us than a baby who needs to be taken care off. And with the arrival of the new family member (iphone 4, which is only serving as a camera) life has certainly become more entertaining. One lazy […]