To the best dad

Growing up in a female dominated house, alot of times I used to think about how my dad feels and deals with being surrounded by females all the time.

Back in the days, I was never friends with my dad. If anything I used to be scared of him. His word was the last one where the conversation or argument did not have a chance of going forward. He is a man of principle, discipline and values. A combination that does not fare well with girls who are growing up and learning the meaning of rebellion.

Abu, is the person who missed out on a lot of school functions because he was either travelling or attending meetings. He is the person who kept a close eye on report cards and friends who we used to mingle with. He is the person who made sure that 9 o clock was bedtime and that my mom knew all the moms of my friends. He is the person who pushed us to try sushi and took us to Dubai so we could experience parasailing. He is the person who helped us put logic into our dreams, the person who pushed us to aim for the moon making sure we didnt compromise by getting the stars. He is the abu who makes sure his grand kids are spoilt rotten. Basically, hes the abu I thank Allah Mian for every second of my life! Love you Abu. You are the best.


Ps: Hubster is also an amazing amazing dad. Extreme opposite of my dad. But my dad is still the best says a happily biased daughter.


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