telephonic conversation

U: Katu, T (this yummilicious model friend of U’s) is going to K2 and is asking if he can take our camera? K: hmmm, but mein tu khud nathiagali ja rahi houn….. U: thats why i am asking you baba K: aisa karo uss ko day do camera, afterall hes a model and who knows […]

Cynics in my life!

There are certain people in your life, who might be family, friends or acquaintances or no one at all, but will still love to tell you how you should enjoy single life because married life is full of issues….and once you do get married, they will then tell you how blissful it is to be […]

Say that again….?

I usually have to repeat quite a few times that “shes” 3 and a half months old when strangers ask me how old is “he”? I know that shes still petite compared to other kids her age….but then not everyone knows that technically shes only a month and a half old….she was much much much […]