6 months today

6 months ago, today, I was a bundle of emotions…my body was pierced with needles almost 12 times, I was happy to meet a goodlooking anestheologist, but was upset when the local anesthesia didnt work for the third time. I was shit scared lying there in the operation theatre, but I was so excited to […]

Baby shower stories

Me: zoey, I am going to a baby shower. Noor is home. Please take are of her. Zoey: ok. You have to wear blue clothes? Me: yup. Zoey: is Sanoo khala going to have a baby boy? Me, utterly surprised: yes. How do you know jaan? Zoey: you are wearing blue clothes. B for boy. […]

So, what makes you happy?

Yesterday, after a long time I got to chat with a dear friend. Our friendship is quite wierd, to say the least. We have moved away, but not apart, thankfully. So, whenever we end up chatting, we gather from where we left last. Without asking each other why we went missing in action and why […]