A past

I dreamt of a past. A past I have yet not forgotten. A past I like dwelling in. A past I like wondering about. A past which when dreamt of made me wake up smiling. Such pasts should be treasured. Such pasts make you thank that they were there and made you into who you […]

Musical life

Music has a tendency to take you back into time…and then you wonder if the decision that you made at that time would have been taken the other way round, would life be drastically different right now?

The client murdered the design

So, about two months ago I got a project to design an interior brochure for a client. After a long meeting, both, the client and I knew the kindoff direction we wanted to follow. So, amidst vacation plans, zoeys diaper changes, feed times, socialising and packing, I managed to meet my deadline and emailed the […]

Only fun in the sun matters!

Why? Why do I have to worry about pre schools? and then schools? and oh god it dosent end till higher education….why cant we just shift to a place like maldives? or maybe phi phi isands (hmmm maybe not there are quite a few parhay likhay thais living there), Seychelles maybe? And teach zoey how […]