My life for me

This year has started on a very busy note…and I dont see life slowing down in the near future…Each of the things mentioned below need a seperate post, but for my own remembering I want to jot the pointers down here. ~ Zoey accompanied the entire khandaan to watch 3 idiots…her first cinema experience. As […]

Sunday Happenings

Simple pleasures from Itwaar bazaar can suddenly make the winters much more cosy! Books to keep you company late at nights. yummy  cupcake recipes that can keep you happily busy in the kitchen. and  stripey socks that will keep you warm!

good mothers and bad mother

Decembers always call for a lot of socialising. Weddings, friends visiting from abroad, Coffee sessions or no reason at all. This December has not been much different, except that all the couples now are plus one. So all socialing turns into a big playdate. Coversations revolve around babies milestones and the diaper and formulae prices […]