What is next?

#week2 #oprahblogchallenge A new career. Summer vacations. Travel. Birthdays. Getting published. (fingers crossed). Photographs. Lots and lots of them. Losing weight. (wishful thinking). Laughter. New beginnings. (Books. Movies. Relationships. Thoughts. Concepts. writings). Some more travel. Coffee sessions with friends. Plans. Back up plans. And some more wonderful things!     Advertisements

The miracle called Zoey-ness

7 years ago, today, a very swollen me had gone for my regular pregnancy check up not knowing that I would become a mom at a days notice. Two months earlier than expected. I remember lying in that beautiful sunny room, praying for a miracle to happen. A miracle that would make my blood pressure go down and […]

Somewhat broken me

I have written and rewritten and then erased and then tried to write once more but words have failed me. This is so so true. It’s hit me in such a positive way, I want to cry! Have a lovely rest of the week.


I very recently started fulltime work. With both the kids at school, my mornings are relatively free-er. So, after a lot of thought and pondering, what seemed like a good decision is to get back into the grind. The plus point this time around too,  is that the kids can be with me post school […]

Do you feel at home?

Yes, finally I do. My new work space. A profession I am not too familiar with. People I am not used to, services that I am learning about. Eventually, after two years of hiatus, I am ready to confess that I feel at home. And ready to conquer the world. Maybe, its the fact that […]