once upon a time vacation

Such bliss to take a vacation once in a while where you dont have to worry about going on tours….seeing places that are touristy….do adventures which are not available back home and rushing here and there to cut out all the things on the top ten must do things. This vacation is all about  lazing….pigging out…meeting […]

comfortably reassured

The moment the pregnancy stick showed two red lines (positive), I panicked. Though I could see it coming…I  wasnt sure if I was ready. One of my earliest panic attacks was that what if having a kid hindered the travel plans that I fantasized about. Though “U” kept on reassuring me that everything would work […]

complicated species

I will NEVER EVER understand women who are clad in solitares, carry Coach bags, go for vacations every now and then, eat out almost every day or every second day and still complain about not being rich enough!

blue? or pink?

Initially, when we found out that I was pregnant, it was after quite a bit of convincing on my part that me and my hubby descided not to find out the sex of the baby. But when I went for my mid way scan, when asked by the sonologist if we wanted to know the […]

how? how? how?

Suddenly, with the crossing of the mid pregnancy mark,  not fitting into any old clothes anymore, the constant reminder that things are going to change ( for the best inshallah)…seeing friends with their kids, I am more petrified of how I will bring up the child, than childbirth itself. Are there classes that the new […]