how? how? how?

Suddenly, with the crossing of the mid pregnancy mark,  not fitting into any old clothes anymore, the constant reminder that things are going to change ( for the best inshallah)…seeing friends with their kids, I am more petrified of how I will bring up the child, than childbirth itself.

Are there classes that the new parents need to attend to learn the basics? Does it come naturally? Do you go to a shrink? Are there how to be good parents books that one needs to read….?

I dont know. Right now I am too scared to think straight.


6 thoughts on “how? how? how?

  1. ditto meyum! i am not even married but here’s an advice!

    think of your dadi/nani & ammi right now and observe/reflect and if you’re lucky – talk to them – about how they brought up their kids better than the many educated/more-exposed/modern moms of today! in times when there was no youtube, blogger, liberty books et al.

    much love to you, yours and the litttle one 🙂

  2. hahah aneela im all set to receive your mails! I have a separate tag in gmail marked new mommies 😉

    actually kat- aneela- (even meyum and insi) its like embarking on a new project- you dont always know how but you know youre going to give it your best- whether it marriage or babies- 🙂

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