Birthday party hearings

10 year old birthday party conversations Girl one: You know, I think we should go for vacations together this summer. Girl two:  Yeah! That should be fun! Girl three: But where can we go? Singapore? Girl one: No no. Orlando. Like a real vacation. Girl two: Yeah. Oh my God. Lets do this. Girl three, slightly […]

Rediscover K land

I dont believe in resolutions. Simply for because they don’t last for more than 12 hours. Not even a day. Of course, I am just talking for myself here. But I did vouch that this year I am going to try new things, go new places, meet new people and plunge into the newness. And […]

Wife option please

I love technology. It has such an interesting take on life. Especially whatsapp and autocorrect. Excerpt from a whatsapp conversation last evening. Me: Dont need anything from LA. Except Noors shoes please. R: Send me her size. Me: Sana just got her shoes from Clarks which fit her just fine. Its U.S size 7. R: […]

Lost Kat

Post Noor life has been so…well,  full of life. Between school pick and drops, playdates, birthdays, meetings, shoots and everything else that I am forgetting, I barely get time out. So much so, that I have mastered the skill of showering within 6 minutes. I am amazed at myself. So, when I am putting the […]