Hindi Medium

So, one of the things on my list to do before the Ramadan started was to go watch Hindi Medium in the theatre. There were two major reasons for this. 1) I love Irfan Khan’s acting 2) I had no idea who Saba Qamar is but I had been hearing fantastic reviews about her acting too.

So, after making and cancelling about a dozen plans, finally managed to watch it a day before the roza’s started. And must I say what a treat it was. Acting. Dialogues. Art direction. Everything was spot on. But the one thing that big time hit home was the subject matter. With the second one, we just went through the admission process and I will admit what I haven’t yet….I did manage to loose a few nights of sleep.

Here is the deal, at Zoey’s time, we were first time parents. Learning parenthood and taking little steps. With her preschool we had already missed out on a few deadlines but Allah Mian was the most kindest. She ended up in life where she is and I can take no credit for it.

Second time around though, the pressure was insane. We wanted her to go in the same big school as her apa. For personal reasons, for logistical reasons and for reasons which no one else will understand including some of my loved ones.

This is what the movie highlights. The things we as parents are willing to do for our kids to be in the institution that we feel is right for them. The lengths we will go thru, just so that we don’t loose out on that chance and the changes we are willing to make. I am not here to judge. As parents, we do what we think is best. But sometimes, we are so fixated on what is best that we loose out on what could be better than the best for the child.

Please go watch Hindi Medium, if you haven’t already. Even if it dosent strike a chord, at least it will be two hours well spent.



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