Helpless mama

Motherhood is a strange strange place to be in. In a matter of 24 hours, it will make me crazy happy, weepy, frustrated, sad and then overwhelmed. There are moments I want to creep under the bed and hide there forever and then there are moments when I will bring Z out of her bed […]

The gender talk

Z: Mama, you have girlfriends? Me: yes jaan, S khala, M khala and any of the girls who are mamas friends are her girlfriends! Z: ok. Do you have boyfriends? Me: Yes. But only a few. Z: does baba have boyfriends? Me: yes. O uncle, R uncle are baba’s boyfriends. Z: does baba have girlfriends? […]

Speechless moment

Zoey missed one her classes, so her teacher texted asking if all was ok. I told her the reason and that she would be there for the next class. When Zoey came back from the farm: Me: Zoey, Nausheen Aunty texted asking about why you missed the class today. Zoey: oh! Did you tell her […]

The stress called goody bag

So, in four years, for the first time Zoey wanted to have a big birthday. Of Course, I didnt have the heart to say no. So, after making a trillion lists of cutting and adding people finally a ┬áday and venue were decided. So far, in all the previous years what really mattered to me […]

Sanity in the time of craziness

Zoey, wakes up on Monday morning school time and is surprised to see me in bed… Z: Mama, is it a holiday today? Me: yes jaani. Z: Why? It’s Monday. Me: Yes I know. The bad people are doing masti in the city, so the school is closed. Z: Oh. Is that why you were […]

Shortest playdate….ever

Since even before Zoey started pre school, playdates was a concept that she was introduced too. Except at that time, me being the mommy could choose who was coming over to our house and whose house we were going too. With Preschool, came friendships and bonds that took relationships to another level. Thankfully, even at […]