Class three…then and now

November already. Cant believe this year is almost ending. I know I have been saying this every year since the past 10 years….but seriously where the hell did the time go. Between kids, work, school rounds, play dates and everything else that has to be accommodated in between 2016 has been a year of being on the go.

As Zoey says, it was Monday just yesterday…why is it Monday again! With her being in Junior school now, her homework schedule, post school classes schedule and Saturday schedule…everything is renewed. Which also means that our conversations and observations have gone up a notch. (I miss the simple old conversations full of fascinations and wonder). A few days ago, we were lying in bed and discussing Harry Potter (Can’t still believe she’s old enough to read them) and our conversation drifted from books to relationships and friends. It was during this conversation that she mentioned about how the class thinks that two of the classmates have a liking towards each other. and how the rest of the class teases them about it.

It took me a good 5 seconds to wrap my head across the conversation and for me to figure out how I want to respond. I continued with a poker face and tried my best not to sound like an interrogating mother in law. I don’t know what astounded me more. The fact that she was having this conversation with me or the fact that she is 8 and I didn’t think these conversations would happen till she’s 16! or 12, to be more realistic.

Once she was asleep, I messaged my friend, the only one who could help me put some perspective to all of this. And once she assured me its OK and normal, and I had indulged in a tub of ice cream I tried to go down the memory lane and think about what things were like back in my times.

My class three was all about being happily overweight. Thinking about whether to buy coke and samosa from the canteen on that one weekday or coke and ring chips. It was about discussing the house next to the school which was haunted and one day we saw a man peeping out of the window. I swear I am pretty sure one of the classmates fainted. It was about choosing friends who could share my gold and bronze crayola crayon (of course after they shared their lunch with me). And it was about puppet shows and birthdays and playing hide and seek and climbing the mango tree in the back yard. Ah. The good old days.

Times have changed. And hopefully so have we. The picture below is from my big birthday bash, back in class three. And interestingly it is the only picture that has me and Uzi in it back from the time. Who knew after all these years we would end up together. Even though none of our friends teased us about liking each other (I think we didn’t even acknowledge each others presence). Life works in funny ways and I hope and Pray that both the younger Akram’s always manage to see the humor in it!



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