mama reaches a milestone

It took me to bring a daughter into this world to reach a milestone. Being a mama did not come so easily to me, but it did come. Changing diapers, sleepless nights, staying in a warm room and sweatingg away, I could take it all. What I couldnt do was cut the lil ones nails. […]

First outing out

So, all this while Zoey has been mostly home bound because her body temperature had to be maintained and so had to be the room temperature. So, after 14th Of may, which was supposed to be her original birthday, we have started bringing things to normal. SO far, her only car rides were either to […]

Whose baby are you?

When Zoey was still unseen by us, I often used to wonder whom would she look like. The question got answered when I came out of labour room all groogy to hear how she was an exact replica of her dad. I didnt mind, afterall goodlooks was one of the reasons why i married her […]

Mommys lesson no 1405

So, motherhood has finally started kicking in…high time too. Yesterday, I was home alone, the first time since Zoey was born. After breakfast everyone left for whatever they had to do and I got up to pack to leave for amis house. Thanks to the weather which dosent help the mood at all, I had […]

You a mother?

Post delivery, I have met quite a few people, who when they saw me exclaimed…..”you dont look like a mother at all!” Initially, I just took it quite casually. Smiled and moved on to create conversation, but lately this statement has started bothering me, not in a bad sense but something that makes me think. […]