Four years of amazement

Anyone who knows me even slightly, knows that I always wanted 3 daughters, Shanzeh, Alizeh and Simran. Actually the third name has always been under debate. Not sure whether I would have liked to name her Simran or Lajwanti. But here is the thing about life. It never ceases to surprise you. So, exactly four years […]

Hindi Medium

So, one of the things on my list to do before the Ramadan started was to go watch Hindi Medium in the theatre. There were two major reasons for this. 1) I love Irfan Khan’s acting 2) I had no idea who Saba Qamar is but I had been hearing fantastic reviews about her acting […]

How sushi changed my life

I am constantly amazed by how life changes and things evolve. Signs, coincidences, puzzles coming together seamlessly and the blanks automatically filled. These things make me realize that there is a greater force at work which makes sure that life moves on with bumps and turns. Ten years and more ago, Uzi sent me a […]

Class three…then and now

November already. Cant believe this year is almost ending. I know I have been saying this every year since the past 10 years….but seriously where the hell did the time go. Between kids, work, school rounds, play dates and everything else that has to be accommodated in between 2016 has been a year of being […]

School. Homeschool. Unschool.

Every time we come back from a vacation, for weeks we are basking in the memories that were created. Endless discussions about the places that we visited, food that we ate, incidents that happened and even about our trips to Sainsburys and Seven Eleven. Then slowly, almost at the tortoise speed the vacation starts to […]

Once upon a words

So last year, was a year of its kind. Well all years are….but last year was different. More testing. More strengthening. More taxing. And in some bizarre way, more healing. And in that year I wrote. Endlessly. I wrote to relive. I wrote to help myself understand the twists and turns of life. I wrote […]

That tugging feeling

The last school year ended with alot of mixed emotions for Zoey. And for me. Kindergarten was ending. Classes were going to shuffle. Summer school was starting. Plans for vacations were being finalized. Eid clothes were under discussion. There were just too many things to look forward to. Actually, it was all quite overwhelming. Fast […]

Walking down the memory lane

I love going through old stuff. Photographs, blogs, text messages, journal entries. Everything. And it was during this stumbling that I came across an old blog of mine which has made me realize how I am no longer the person I used to be. My priorities, my experiences, my lifestyle choices, all have made me […]

Going the wazifa way

So, I am surrounded by people who are very big believers of wazifas. They have wazifas for everything, no matter how big or small it is. Me, on the other hand, if I manage to say the five daily prayers, it’s a reason to celebrate. I love the concept of wazifa’s though. Reciting stuff that […]