Going the wazifa way

So, I am surrounded by people who are very big believers of wazifas. They have wazifas for everything, no matter how big or small it is.

Me, on the other hand, if I manage to say the five daily prayers, it’s a reason to celebrate. I love the concept of wazifa’s though. Reciting stuff that will help you achieve your wishes. But recently, it has also started to scare me. What if what I am asking for is not something that is best for me? Also, if God has already ordained something, do I want it to get changed? But then God has also mentioned that ask, and I will respond.

This is an ongoing battle in my head. Something that needs to get resolved. Pray for what I want? Or accept what’s already written.


5 thoughts on “Going the wazifa way

  1. My bigger problem with wazifas are “what if they don’t work?” – I know it probably means there is something better written for me but not sure how I will deal with the disappointment!

  2. Also… I think you should always pray for what you want. He already knows but it feels like a big burden off your shoulder when you just ask/ voice it. And anyway, if you don’t ask Him who are you going to ask, right?

    • My point is, that he knows and his plans are always the bestest. I am always scared that maybe what I am praying for wont be the best thing for me. So confused.

  3. He writes khair in that which we seek as well. He always gives us two paths. The right and the left, our answers are written for both. It’s a matter of eman for most of us… if they work, they don’t work, if this is good for us, may HE make it good for us 🙂 ❤

  4. I kind of relate to this. I have always been tongue-tied when it comes to ‘dua’. I firmly believe that whatever (good or bad) has come my way, it has been for the very best – and hence I can not (even if I try to) ask Him for anything. I am very happy to leave it all up to Him.

    There’s also this funny thought I always get whenever someone says they got what they asked for –
    wasn’t it destined to happen anyway even if they hadn’t asked for it?

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