From ex to now

Lately, for some odd reason there has been a lot of talk about ex’s and how one would feel about them. Hubby’s so called ex is getting married soon and we are invited and will be going. I get a lot of shocked glances when I mention the fact about attending the occasion. I wonder […]

The New York-Then & Now

New York to me was hometown some 30 or so years ago. But honestly, there is not much that I remember from back then, except my friend Janet and the musical Ice Cream van which was a daily indulgence. I have certain visuals from back then but really I dont know the significance they hold. […]

Back to school

Post vacation has been everything about back to school. Uniform shopping, getting bed time routine back (unsuccessful so far), prepping Zoey about big school, filling files and stocking up on breakfast goodies. Oh and it has also been about me getting sudden realization attacks that oh meri beti has become so big that she is […]