The New York-Then & Now

New York to me was hometown some 30 or so years ago. But honestly, there is not much that I remember from back then, except my friend Janet and the musical Ice Cream van which was a daily indulgence. I have certain visuals from back then but really I dont know the significance they hold.

It was 1988, when new York was again visited. But it wasnt only New York. It was Sea America ticket that was issued and New York was just another place on that ticket. I remember San Francisco and Hawaii more from that trip, obviously along with my mamoos graduation and a fleeting trip to Niagra Falls.

There was another 3 day stop in New York in 1999. That trip only revolved around Lord & Taylor and the family friends we were staying with. After that trip, America was put on a halt. This this summers. I HAD to make a trip because of visa issues and a much deserved holiday was also needed. So after a lot of discussions and heartache we decided to make a trip to The Empire State. I must admit when I was boarding that plane I was quite unsure of what to expect. I was travelling to a place that everyone oohed and aahed about, with a toddler who is a homebody and a husband who mentally and spiritually lives in New York since forever. The bar was already set very high.

But I think I fell in love with the minute I was on the freeway outside JFK. There is something about New York that makes you wholly, madly and truely fall in love with itself. Obviously, being in a total holiday mode helped.

These pictures do not do justice to what New York is all about….But all that I can say is that anyone and everyone should visit New York once in their life. That city is a keeper of sorts.


3 thoughts on “The New York-Then & Now

  1. Lovely pics Kanwal and you cant imagine how timely ur post is.My son saif is moving to New York to start his degree at Parsons and I have been freaking out, even though my kids keep telling me ITS SAFE MOM ,STOP BEING CRAZY

    Give my love to ur family and the little one..Hugsssssss

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