Back to school

Post vacation has been everything about back to school. Uniform shopping, getting bed time routine back (unsuccessful so far), prepping Zoey about big school, filling files and stocking up on breakfast goodies. Oh and it has also been about me getting sudden realization attacks that oh meri beti has become so big that she is starting proper school now. 

I think I must admit that Zoey is more ready to go back to school than I am. Bittersweet truth. And amongst all this hullaboo me and hubby had to go for an orientation to Zoeys school.

Come the end of the month, with me worrying about not getting my threading done and getting all teary eyed walking into school, I was caught between being awe struck and a severe panic attack. Now, I should have been ready for these emotions when I was filling the school file with hubby. But really, I had no idea how over whelming the school and the orientation would be. This is not Zoey’s first school. But this is her first proper school. 

All during the first 40 minutes of orientation, while people around me were trying to suppress their yawns,  I kept on worrying about if Zoey would easily settle in. (please read if her mama would easily settle in). Once we were made to visit the classrooms, the library (where I wanted to stay forever), the pool and the play area, I got more awe strucked (if thats a word). 

Now, for me schools have been housed inside houses. No proper play grounds, no pools, ever. No proper house system and really no parent ever being allowed inside the library. And did I mention no parent was allowed to attend assembly too. So, obviously there was alot of newness for me to absorb and digest. My unthreaded eye brows were long forgotten while I was busy checking out the school and the list in the classroom looking for Zoeys friends from previous school. 

Its been two days since the orientation and four days till Zoey starts school inshallah. I am a ball of emotions right now.  I cant get over the fact that Zoey is starting school (I still remember her being in the incubator looking like a ten ruppee chicken tikka). I must say the past three and a half years really did fly by. On the other hand I cant get over how proper the school, the system and the people involved seem. Everything suddenly seems big school-ish now, including Zoey. 

While deep down inside, I already am missing having Zoey to myself like I did during the summers, a part of me also wants to push her in all the grandness and start  enjoying. 

Here’s hoping and praying that the big school is a start to all things beautiful, wonderful and amazing inshallah (both for Zoey and us), regardless of the fact whether shes in Napier or Streeton! 


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