From ex to now

Lately, for some odd reason there has been a lot of talk about ex’s and how one would feel about them. Hubby’s so called ex is getting married soon and we are invited and will be going. I get a lot of shocked glances when I mention the fact about attending the occasion. I wonder why. What happened is the past. And really, have we not evolved as people?

On the contrary, another friend is getting married and his ex has been wondering is she should call and congratulate….I dont see anything wrong with that, but again I believe its a personal call to make.

But I have been thinking how does one react with the ex’s? I would like to be friends for sure, but I am sure thats not how everyone else would necessarily feel.

A whatsapp convo with my girls convinced me that it’s us wives who make it weird.

I want to know how true or untrue this is.

Would you like to meet your ex and be friends? Or would you rather erase that part of history from your life and move on thinking it never happened?


7 thoughts on “From ex to now

  1. Let thee who has never been an ex cast the first stone. Nahi na. Tou phir? Aakhir hum bhi tou kabhi ex thay, kabhi kisi ka present, kabhi kisi ka raushan mustaqbil.
    I would say never let go of an opportunity where you can get good biryani!
    Arey Dipika ne film sign kar di Ranbir ke saath what is aap ki meri narazgiya?

  2. Hey, this the author of the previous comment… Any chance you could delete my comment and I could repost with this user name? I would rather not be announcing all that to whoever googles me. Thanks,

  3. My ex was at my wedding. My husband didn’t have any problems with inviting him. We had a little after-party, after the wedding and hubby and ex bonded. I’ve met other exes and their girlfriends and wives. My college ex, who I almost married, called me for advice before he proposed to his now wife; in fact, he had me talk to her on the phone. Since then, I’ve met her (and their kids) and am friends with her on FB.

    However… My husband doesn’t have any real “exes”. He was kind of a player and didn’t really have any real girlfriends. I’m kinda glad :0)

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