Sometimes, its the view through the lens of the camera that makes you appreciate the little details that otherwise might go unnoticed. I really never thought that my province could turn out so colorful too. Advertisements

Connected in quite a few ways

Being an avid reader, when Liberty Books opened its doors in Karachi, I was sure that books wise this city of Quaid was sorted. Obviously, itwaar bazaar was also a heaven but back in those days driving all the way from PECHS in this sweltering heat it wasnt too yummy an option. It was cinemas […]

Parenting question no 0422

As the toddler ages, the kind of issues that need to be addressed also changes. The second year started on a tougher note. Zoey needs to be potty trained (my pressure on my self), we need to get rid of her bottles (doctors pressure on us) and we need to teach her social skills. By […]

The grandparent joy

Since the time I can remember my biggest regret was that I wasnt born a boy. Complimenting this regret was the fact that I was the eldest in the set of siblings and cousins. It took me a good 28 years to understand that the set of regrets was so not right. And this lesson […]

Weird motherhood joys

Being a mother is not easy and when I say this I am not emphasizing the fact that motherhood brings sleepless nights, endless worry about the bank account and the never ending search for the right babysitter. Its beyond all this. And I learnt this in the second year of mommy hood. Zoey, since she was […]