10 days of Zoey-ness

Its been mashallah 10 days since lil Zoey joined us. I have been having sleepless nights, painful stitches, endless rounds of going to the kitchen and using the sterilizer, having given up eating green chillies with lunch and dinner, not being allowed to go out of the house unnecessarily, missing my home and room,  spending […]

The Kat had a Kitten

18th March, 2009…we had an unexpected early guest in our family of two…..Not knowing what to expect this early arrival, both the kat and kitten are trying to get used to each other. There is LOTS more to blog about…..later! For everyone who reads this please remember us in prayers….

Real realizations

Every now & then we all have our very own set of realizations…..being the free lady that I am these days, I have realized quite a few things lately: ~ Every now and then it is important to take time out for your own self. ~ At times “letting go “is the best thing you […]

25 randomings about me

This tag has been circulating on facebook for a while now….a little late but here are 25 randomings defining me…. 1~ Till before my shaadi, everynight I would open my cupboard, take out a piece of jewellery that would hold my fancy and wear it to bed. 2~ I really really aim to be a […]