Real realizations

Every now & then we all have our very own set of realizations…..being the free lady that I am these days, I have realized quite a few things lately:

~ Every now and then it is important to take time out for your own self.
~ At times “letting go “is the best thing you can do when in a relationship.
~ Its the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life more interesting.
~ Thank God for parents, hubby, sisters, sunflowers, rain, chocolates, tea, friends and                                                             books. Life would be so incomplete without them all.
~ When you are in love-consciously or unconsciously, it actually shows.
~ A good blowdry & a clear skin can do wonders for self confidence.
~ As much as advancement has taken photography to greater levels, nothing can beat the essence of a black and white photograph. 
~ Thank God for relatives…otherwise who would you bitch about?
~ No matter how fast paced the world becomes, nothing can beat the value of snail mail!
~ Having breakfast with the right kind of people means your day is going to go well. 
~ Sisters? Blessings in disguise! Cant live with them, cant live without them!
~ Male friends? The only species who can help you think rationally.
~ There is nothing known as having enough travel trips. 
~ To be or not to be is a never ending dilemma.
~ There is nothing more comfortable than curling up in bed with a good book!
~ Good company, good coffee & good environment are the only things that you actually need to lift your spirits.
~ No matter how hard I try its impossible to cross off everything on the TO-DO list at the first go.
~ Its one of the happiest moments when you go to a school reunion & look happier, younger & better than your old boyfriend.
~ I know that life will never give me more than what I can handle. If it seems so, its just trying to make me see how much more I truly am capable off!!!
~ At the end of the day, life is beautiful…we just dont tend to realise it!


2 thoughts on “Real realizations

  1. oh my God, I love LOVE this post, each and every point of yours is insanely true, from male friends providing rationality to amazing sisters and chai and the never fully done to-do list! The only thing I’d add would be having shaped eyebrows doing oodles for self confidence 😉

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