Jawani deewani ki kahani

Zoey and cinemas have a history. Everytime we have taken her to watch a movie, she dozzes off before the movie starts. At times, its worked out great. When we have babysitting issues, we just get an extra ticket and go enjoy the movie. At other times, its been frustrating. All the animated movies that […]

8 years and few months later

Back in 2005, life was a rollercoaster ride. In all respects. I was trying to find my true self, work was something I was deciding whether I enjoyed or not, declining rishtas left right and center just because I hated the concept of people comimg over to check me out, and most importantly trying to […]

On losing weight

One good thing that came out of this pregnancy apart from Noor, was the fact that I didn’t gain much weight. Thanks is due to the doctor, who kept a vigilant eye on me because of my medical issues…. So, post delivery, on my first check up I was only 5 kgs above the pre […]