From toddler to a young girl

Since the birth of iphone in my life, my camera beechara has to deal with injustice. It now only comes out for shoots or when I need to capture images in low light. Otherwise its my iphone always doing the photography works, till 2 days ago. I wanted to capture Zoey at my mothers house. […]

Winter smelling

The morning today had a slight chill to it. The chill that announces the coming of winters and makes you realize that another year is going to come to an end soon. This kind of weather makes me want to wake up early, open the windows and enjoy my  hot cup of tea. Along with this chill also comes […]

Welcome to the jungle

Becoming a khala is just amazing. The nine months leading to the arrival of the lil one were also fun. Photo shoots, planning, name discussions, Gene probability and lots of anticipation added much more drama. The fun being that this time around it wasnt me who was gaining weigh! Lots of duas your way Hadi. […]