Designing Space

One of the reasons why I married my hubby was that I loved his room….which was later going to be ‘our’ room. Its a simple small room, built on levels, ideal for a couple.  In the loft we had plonked our matress and downstairs was the wardrobe and the sitting area. So when we found […]

The pending ghutki factor

Ghutki, is a common trend that is followed in our family. For people out there who dont know what that means, ghutki is the art of making a new born taste honey. Knowing well that doctors these days dont approve of anything other than a mother nursing her child, a slight taste of honey wont […]

The designer isnt dead

Becoming a mommy suddenly has kept me so busy, I forgot about being a wife, being a friend and being a designer for a bit…obviously not literally, but my entire 24 hours now revolve around this yummy little being who somehow or the other manages to keep my attention to herself. I was dead sure, […]

about 40 days post delivery

And I thought bed rest was bad….when I found out that Zoey was going to be delivered 2 months prior to her time, I was worried sick, apprehensive and more than anything concerned. My gynae, who I absolutely love told me….”Kanwal, believe me having the baby is going to better than the condition you are […]

of motherhood

“so, hows motherhood treating you?”, another question that I am asked ALOT. Predelivery, everyone used to tell me about sleepless nights, stinky diapers, tough budgeting and endless stuff of the kind. What no one ever told me was how emotionally thigs would change. Its been 22 days since my status changed  and I have been struggling […]

of zoey emaan akram

So, a question that I am endlessly faced wih is “where did the name zoey come from?” As it happened, I had always always facinated about having a baby girl. Back from “O” levels I dreamt of having three baby girls who would be named, shanzeh, alizeh and simran….over the period of time the names […]