of zoey emaan akram

So, a question that I am endlessly faced wih is “where did the name zoey come from?”

As it happened, I had always always facinated about having a baby girl. Back from “O” levels I dreamt of having three baby girls who would be named, shanzeh, alizeh and simran….over the period of time the names kept on changing as these names got chosen by friends, family and anyone and everyone. So, when at the 20 week scan we found out it was a baby girl, obviously the most difficult thing was to find a name that we both liked. Suggestions kept on pouring in. As we shortlisted between Natalia, Inaya and Amani, I had completely forgotten about how I had fallen head over heels in lov with the name “Zoey”. (Zoey was the name of this girl who came to see me for her brother long time ago….and instead of her asking me questions, I ended up asking all about her and her name).

So, one day at work, to kill time I descided to design the the baby announcement cards. Because we were still undescided about the name, I wrote Zoey as a filler and emailed the design to hubby to get an approval. Hubby noticed the name and asked the meaning. Didnt appreciate it much, I think. Till the little one came into being abd hubby sweetly asked if we could call her Zoey.

I was overjoyed. Though the family thought the name was comical….a lot of people called her joey initially but nothing made us change the name. Dadi added emaan, which was fine….and thats the story of Zoey Emaan Akram…..thank god or that female who came to see me for her brother…in life we really dont know the bigger plan!


11 thoughts on “of zoey emaan akram

  1. oh i think its a beautiful name…short and very very sweet. May it bring her loads of good luck and fortune (and make her sleep through the night, not posset, keep colic away).

  2. Zoey is a greek name and means “life”. Emaan means faith, therefore hr name means life of faith….lets hope the name has a positive impact on the lil one inshallah!

  3. i opted not to menion lajwanti….have had enough fun made already! mithai is at a stanstill thanks to her highness…she had other plans which kept us all busy!

  4. congratulations! Just saw the other posts…Zoey is a beautiful name!! Get lots of rest and snuggle time with the baby and make sure to write as much as you can about this time, it really flies by! 🙂 And the announcement is beautiful!

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  6. Many prayers for zoey emaan ❤

    Love the name … so newish … some english drama had this name too in it I guess :s

    And I’ve fallen head-over-heels with this cute announcement card … me saving it 😀 ~ with ur permission 😉

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