Designing Space

One of the reasons why I married my hubby was that I loved his room….which was later going to be ‘our’ room. Its a simple small room, built on levels, ideal for a couple.  In the loft we had plonked our matress and downstairs was the wardrobe and the sitting area. So when we found out that there was a baby on the way, space was a severe issue. We had moved the mattress downstairs when I was 5 months pregnant because coming down almost 12 stairs at 3.42 am to use the loo was becoming quite an issue. Which meant that now our loft was empty and the sitting area gone. We kept on thinking of ways to make the room bigger to accomodate the baby, but nothing seemed to work. Till I descided to convert the loft into the nursery. I thought of myself as a genius to come up with the idea, till my MIL ruled it out saying it was the most impractical thing she had ever heard. Obviously at that time I thought it had been too long since she raised kids, but thank god, I listened to her. (With my stitches and Zoey being a 7 month born, a cot in the loft wouldnt have worked at all).

The only idea that seemed to work was to change rooms and move to a bigger room…and this was somthing I didnt want to do….remember one of the reasons I married ‘U’ was because of the room. I had given up all hope of staying in the cool lofty room, till hubby dearest came to rescue…god bless him!

Simply. we shifted the closet into the loft which gave us ample of space to accomodate Zoey in the room with us. Now the ladies of the room have a cool lofty walk in closet, with the bed and cot plonked downstairs…no more loo issues at 3.42 am!

Ps: As much as i always wanted a walk in closet, I have a feeling I am going to miss the bed being upstairs!


The room dosent look exactly like this anymore…..but thank god the book shelf is exactly where it always was!


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