Cake. With all the right ingredients.

I don’t have the patience to watch movies, except for when I am paying to watch them. Then, no matter how trashy a movie is, I will sit patiently, curse and hold on to my pop corn right till the end. Also, I cannot catch late night shows. I will doze off and people sitting close to me will hate me because I snore (yes I just admitted this on a public forum). Admitting to these confessions, Cake was one movie that I had been looking forward to watching. Not because the trailer caught my fancy, but because the cast is beautiful. And something about it seemed to connect.

The shows had been prebooked. People are going crazy giving fantastic reviews. Nueplex was showing a show at 5 am also. I had made plans to watch this movie with 3 different groups of friends. And I still didnt get to go to the opening weekend. Not that I go to premiers and stuff but this was one movie I wanted to see at my earliest.

So, a spontaneous plan got made. We got tickets for 11:50 pm show and I also volunteered to drop my sister back home after the show. (She lives in PECHS which is almost another city from where I live). That shows how excited I was about watching this movie.

The cinema was packed. Who are all these people who head out at this forsaken hour, I wonder? They have kids with them. Makes me question my parenting, once again. Popcorns. Chilled water. Shawl wrapped around me. I am ready to be a part of Zarin and Zara’s life.

For all those people who yet have to watch the movie, I wont spoil the fun. But I will say. I laughed. Very loudly. I cried. Very silently. I prayed. Very hard. And I learnt. To atleast try and make choices that will not leave me or mine bitter. Cake has all the ingredients to hit home. The family drama. The bitterness. The blood bond. The comfort. Everything. But what cake also has is the true to day role of a woman. The woman who swears. The woman who smokes. and the woman who openly resents.

I am not being paid to promote this movie (my blog is almost dead). But please go. Sometimes it feels good to be a part of some other family’s drama. And what better, when you can relate to that family and laugh and cry with them.

Ps: I still question that name of the film though. Why cake?



One thought on “Cake. With all the right ingredients.

  1. I’m so s glad you took yo writing this. I have read all kinds and maybe coz you’re very much like “us”, you wrote what I wanted to hear / read. I’ve been trying to watch it myself, the cinema venues and timings here aren’t working out, not sure if it will be around later next week, but your blog just got me all charged n desperate. Thank you 🙂

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