oldie thoughts

After the past weeks of stress, long hours and endless thoughts, finally yesterday was a sane day.  Gave a presentation, spent time with hubby and after god knows how long had dinner plans with a girlfriend, which meant I was to drive and go on my own.

It was the dinner that kept me going the entire day.  and finally when I was all ready to leave…I was a big bundle of mixed emotions. I felt guilty for leaving my hubby and going ( I also go for work leaving him at home), I was kindoff scared driving alone at night ( It wasnt the first time I was driving alone), I was convinced I would be a nervous wreck (which luckily I wasnt).

After a lovely dinner, gorgeous ambiance and great company, I came home safe, sound and guilt free.

Thats when i started thinking……whats wrong with me? Why did I have all the thoughts that i had initially…..does this mean that I have grown old?


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