perfect start

The most reassuring way of starting a good day is to have breakfast with people who laugh with you, converse, gossip, pick up the positive from the negative and remind you of the humour in life! Here’s to the breakfasts which initially started with three ladies to include a young man today and inshallah more […]

woman to woman

Some women, I look at and think alot about what kind of wives they would end up to be…no, I am not judgemental, its just something I cant help thinking (or maybe its their personalities that make my mind wander). Other times I look at these women and wonder if they are thinking about what […]

the law of attraction

This morning, sitting and waiting for an appointment, the law of attraction hit me so hard, i almost stumbled out of the chair i was sitting on. The possibility of bumping into her at 9.30 am on a random morning in a random place was totally coincidential. Somethings, no matter how hard you try to […]

gracefully hairless

Yesterday, happily grocering away, I bumped into this woman in the fruit aisle. Tiny frame, slightly weak, pale looking, head covering, this female was pushing around a heavy trolly full of grocery supplies. At first I didnt know what was it about her that caught my attention, but something did, i knew for sure. While […]


With the situation around, the work slowing down, the lack of optimism and faith, the steeping prices and everthing else negative around….Mr lazys & Little Miss bossys Thailand trip seems to have happened so so long ago…. (The trip actually happened not too long ago in August)

The divorce Factor

In the recent times, I have heard quite a few stories of how there have been divorces happening, once the couple has a child or maybe two. What is it that men realise after the child’s birth, that leads to this decision? Someone I know of went throught this recently. She came to Karachi (from […]