woman to woman

Some women, I look at and think alot about what kind of wives they would end up to be…no, I am not judgemental, its just something I cant help thinking (or maybe its their personalities that make my mind wander).

Other times I look at these women and wonder if they are thinking about what kind of a wife I am. ( Its my personality that makes my mind wander).


4 thoughts on “woman to woman

  1. i beg to differ with meyum….of course there are still a lot of single women out here…me included! 🙂 and i got a circle of single friends too! in fact, contrary to the matter….there are not mamny DECENT single guys anymore.

    btw…im also a ppl watcher myself…and the way i psyche ppl out, scares my friends and relatives 😛 i too wonder what kind of brides/wives/mothers others will turn out to be. and by god!! some of my theories and analysis have been proven right! i too wonder the same for my ownself

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