gracefully hairless

Yesterday, happily grocering away, I bumped into this woman in the fruit aisle. Tiny frame, slightly weak, pale looking, head covering, this female was pushing around a heavy trolly full of grocery supplies. At first I didnt know what was it about her that caught my attention, but something did, i knew for sure. While searching for the right kind of cereal, my mind was still thinking about the wierdly graceful lady. (and it would keep on thinking about her till i pin pointed what had caught my attention).

While paying at the counter, the lady again crossed  my aisle. I looked (trying not to stare) and figuered. Beneath the chiffon covered head, there was no hair. none. and the woman still looked graceful and walked in stride. I admired her for not wearing a scarf when she didnt want to….for having the courage to do groceries on a sunday when the supermarket was full of tom, dick and harrys, and for believeing thats she will get better and not sympthising and sulking to herself. I couldnt help but smile at her when she looked my way. She too smiled back…..reassuring me that we are much more stronger than we think we are!


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