Personal liberation

Sometimes we, as human beings have a tendency to do things that make us feel liberated on a personal level. Like cleaning up the mail box, deleting names from the phone that you do not dial anymore, erasing sms’s which you have saved since forever for keepsake, blocking and deleting people from the msn list […]

the pooh speaks

“Rabbit’s clever,” said pooh thoughtfully. “Yes”, said Piglet. “Rabbits clever”. “And he has a brain”. “yes”, said Piglet, “Rabbit has a brain”. There was a long silence. “I suppose”, said Pooh, “thats why he never understands anything”.

absolut valentine

In the times when there is not enough saved up to buy that particular watch or cologne for hubby….and you are running short of time and ideas….creativity hits you with a bang and you end up designing a tshirt that the hubby falls in love with and is a hit all around…..thank god for ideas […]


I had dreamt of being the kind of pregnant lady who glows….who has spotless skin and luscious hair….who moves with grace….who only puts on weight at the bump….who dosent have a trace of extra weight here or there….and manages to fit into her shoes and rings till the last moment….. Right now, I am exactly […]

A grumbling post

I dont like men who design their persona according to how their wife / girl friend wants it…. I HATE men who are lazy…… I am scared about the fact that my BP is high…. F is I’s sister in law….M, an old relationshiper (if thats a word) got married to B (a junior from […]