Personal liberation

Sometimes we, as human beings have a tendency to do things that make us feel liberated on a personal level.

Like cleaning up the mail box, deleting names from the phone that you do not dial anymore, erasing sms’s which you have saved since forever for keepsake, blocking and deleting people from the msn list and cleaning your cupboard and throwing out old birthday, valentine and new years cards.

Along with all this, I did someting else today which i wasnt too sure would be too liberating or not…..

I took of my wedding ring for a day, as biazarre as it may sound. But the feeling was phenomenal. Everytime I would look at my hands, I would have this total feeling of freedom which if nothing else made me free and independent inside.

No, i am not some woman who is unhappily married. Neither am I someone who married because she had to get married….but somehow taking of the ring every once a while is a good feeling. Maybe you all out there might not agree…but hey, this is space for my thoughts and feeling!


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