That kind of a project

Every once in a while I will get a project over which I will lose my sleep, be worried like hell about the outcome and then rejoice in the result for a few days after its over. Recently, I did a shoot which had a similar effect on my life. Its not that the clients […]

Sing a song

Since the school has started, everyday at home we hear something new. Starting from Jeevay Pakistan, to Dil dil Pakistan to I have a body, its been quite entertaining to say the least. Yesterday Zoey was busy humming when out of curiosity I asked…. Me: Zoey, jaani what are you singing? Zoey: Its a song […]

Conversations-our kind

Z: Mama, I want to be a teacher when I grow up. I will teach Hadi. Me: But Zoey, please become a doctor. Zoey: No. No doctor. Mama, can you please ask the gardener to take out the silly thing from the nest? Me: The plastic? Yeah I will. Zoey: Also, can you ask the […]