That kind of a project

Every once in a while I will get a project over which I will lose my sleep, be worried like hell about the outcome and then rejoice in the result for a few days after its over.

Recently, I did a shoot which had a similar effect on my life. Its not that the clients were difficult people, but the other days of the wedding were being covered by really well known photographers (which meant loads and loads of comparison), the bride was not very convinced about hiring me (the vibes I got and was later confirmed) and I had to cover 2 events the same day, a wedding and a valima at the same venue.

I put my heart and soul in the project. I really really am fond of the wedding bride and I wanted to make the event memorable for her. 

Thankfully, when I handed over the album to the family, I could see them breaking into all smiles. Though I was reminded that I have tough competition, what mattered to me was that the pictures were liked by the bride and groom….at the end of the day, really its them who have to be happy with the results!










2 thoughts on “That kind of a project

  1. ohh is that all we can see?? The pics look good .. which events you covered if rest were photographed by some biggies? The last two seem a bit overblown but sometimes printed results are better 🙂

    Which gadgetry you used ?

  2. Hey. Thanks 🙂 I covered the wedding of the sister, which also happened to be the valima reception of the brother.
    Used a faithful 3 year old canon and the speedlight.

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