8 months today…

8 months ago, I was worried about the C section I was going to go through. Now after 8 months, I worry that soon it will be time for Zoey to rush off to university…. Time really is flying…isnt it? Please dont forget to say mashallah… Photo credit: Zaira, the phopp! Advertisements

Stepping into 31st!

Sometimes birthday gifts come before time…or maybe they are belated gifts from the last birthday….I would like to believe that after having a very turbulent 30th year, Allah Mian blessed me with an earlier gift for the 31st birthday….letting me have faith that 31st year is going to be much much better and everything good […]

Guilty Pleasure

“A” turned 20 yesterday…unbelievable. I still remember her as the baby sister who came back from the hospital. For her, this wasnt a very happy birthday. She wanted to celebrate her 20th the wild way with friends from her universty abroad where she would be studying. All would have been granted had her visa not […]

A birthday gift to self

I am a big advocate of giving presents to myself on important celebrations of life. And in 10 days inshallah there is going to be another reason to get myself a gift…..Its my first birthday after stepping into mommyhood…..and I happily turn 31 inshallah. Now, obviously a lady stepping into 31 will have a lot […]