When vows didnt work

Recently, I have come across quite a few couples who I found out have had a bad marriage since day one. What makes me wonder is why did the couples in these marriages decide to stick it out for life when they knew it was not going smoothly for them. And to top it all, […]

girl.wife.mother of a girl.

I don’t understand the concept of people coming over to check you out for a rishta. I drove my parents crazy when I had to go through the ordeal. Now I have a daughter of my own. Sometimes I wonder what kind of a mother I will be. Will I make her go through all […]

Lets call it quits

“What? You are quitting?” is the reaction I have majorly gotten when people found out that I had decided to put my office career at a hold (for the moment at least). Working since the past almost 9 years, I think I had started coming across someone who was extremely career oriented (which I am […]