girl.wife.mother of a girl.

I don’t understand the concept of people coming over to check you out for a rishta. I drove my parents crazy when I had to go through the ordeal.

Now I have a daughter of my own. Sometimes I wonder what kind of a mother I will be. Will I make her go through all that I went through? Or will I understand when she will throw a tantrum and refuse to meet people? Not worrying that she might end up being single throughout her life!


3 thoughts on “girl.wife.mother of a girl.

  1. Please DON’T make her go through this ordeal. Especially since you know what it feels like to go through all this.
    And waisay bhee who knows uss wakt kia halaaat hongay, with the way times are changing God knows how rishtas will be done then!

  2. you have a few years to go…maybe it wont come to that and by the time she is 18 she will have found him? 😀 although im sure that will pose other problems haina?

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