Lets call it quits

“What? You are quitting?” is the reaction I have majorly gotten when people found out that I had decided to put my office career at a hold (for the moment at least). Working since the past almost 9 years, I think I had started coming across someone who was extremely career oriented (which I am not). Yes, I like routine and I loved the fact that I had money coming in every month but since the last few months, work had started getting to me, to a point where I was suffering and so was my work.

Changing jobs would have helped. But I consciously decided to plunge  into the unknown….working for my ownself. Quitting work dosent necessarily mean that I have divorced design because I wanted to be a good mother. Infact, I think design will have more meaning now because I wont be incessantly designing like a robot anymore. And I want to give photography my time. Like treat it like my second child (obviously first child will always be zoey). So lets see how this goes. Day one off from work seems like total vacation…..I say so far so good!

One thought on “Lets call it quits

  1. you know for some reason you never came across as someone extremely career oriented to me atleast. i mean sure you liked your work and that made you want to work but career oriented is a type that i somehow would never be able to idenitfy with someone like you.

    and yes thats a compliment even if it sounds a bit confusing!

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