Unquotable quotes

Its amazing how people just randomly say things and they become food for thought….below are a few lines that were uttered to me at different times in the past week, by people from different walks of life. Enjoy! ~ “Dont keep in touch with your ex even if he was your best friend. Its going […]

Becoming a couple

These days I am surrounded by people who are desperately trying to find their other halves. Its interesting to see what they want to compromise and what is a must have in their to be spouse. It is in this quest that I get thrown the fact that it was easy for me because I […]

Double vs Single

These days I am surrounded by men who are looking for women to settle down with and ladies who are on the look out for the best man available. Unfortunately, I cant be the middle lady and any of these two people together. Dont ask me why.  Sometimes its the looks that are not accepted, […]

Life and us

Lets accept it….life is the most unpredictable, exciting, crazy, roller coastery thing I have come across. Obviously, to say the least I have enjoyed the ride so far, though in my “oh I need attention” phase I might say otherwise. Today, going through my old blog (from the singlehood days) I got transported back into […]

501 must take journeys

A friend once asked me that if I had a choice between buying a nice LV bag or a diamond which one would I go for? Without thinking for a second I told her I would add some more money and go for a trip…to which she asked…London or Paris? or both perhaps? This got […]

Kicking 2010’s ass

To put it in short, I am glad 2010 is going to be history soon. Like all other years, 2010 was also roller coaster type in its own way, but lets just say that this time around the jerks were jerkier. If you know what I mean. Before last year began, a friend texted in […]