How sushi changed my life

I am constantly amazed by how life changes and things evolve. Signs, coincidences, puzzles coming together seamlessly and the blanks automatically filled. These things make me realize that there is a greater force at work which makes sure that life moves on with bumps and turns.

Ten years and more ago, Uzi sent me a text in Mecca saying let’s get married. That’s the thing with him. He says things with such a straight face, one keeps on wondering what exactly he means. And honestly, a text message is difficult to decipher. So, I instantly messaged back saying it will have to wait till I get back. And that was that.

I came back. Met him a zillion times but there was never a mention about that message exchange. Which made me wonder what that was all about…

Till February came. And I could no longer hang in there. So, I pulled in a friend (because I needed moral support) and suggested to Uzi that we should go out for dinner. Kamameshi used to serve fantastic sushi at that time. So, we sat there, indulging in great food, lots of laughter and silly talk. And then I brought up the topic. And as life would have it, he had forgotten all about it. Till that dinner. And that’s when things took a turn to change our lives around.

Even now, there are nights when I marvel at how far along life has brought us. How, things would have been different, had I not planned for the dinner. And where I would be right now had the dinner not happened….

Ten years ago….today, life took a turn. A turn I am so glad it did not miss.

Ps: To everyone who reads this, please remember us and ours in your duas.



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