Exhibit at Faraar

When married….its two individuals who decide to live together. Which means that two dreamers who dream different dream are now hoping to at least dream together. And now after 3 years of dreaming together and believing, one of our dream is about to come true…… Ladies and gentlemen, all of you who live in K […]

Dreaming of an artist

All during my pregnancy, apart from the general well being ki dua for the baby, there were certain other things I prayed for also. After all, there was no harm in asking allah mian for the kind of child I wanted. So, I hoped and prayed that the baby would take after the dad where […]

Know kidding me

Last year on my post natal check up my Doc advised me not to have anymore kids….for the sake of my health. It came to me as a shock and as a blow. After seeing all the tears and drama she advised that if I so strongly felt for kids, I should conceive my second […]