Know kidding me

Last year on my post natal check up my Doc advised me not to have anymore kids….for the sake of my health. It came to me as a shock and as a blow. After seeing all the tears and drama she advised that if I so strongly felt for kids, I should conceive my second one by December, clearly I have missed the deadline.

Growing up in a family of 3 siblings, I always wanted to have 3 daughters (yes I was sure I wanted 3 daughters and back from class 9th I had their names decided). So obviously the idea of a single child was alien to me. Time passed. December passed and to date I clearly remember my dialogue with the gynecologist, please note whom I totally worshiped.

These days, I have quit my job, and have a lot more time to think and dream. Somehow the kid of a single child does not horrify me anymore. This by no chance means that I have decided that we will have no more kids. But with the current situation and the kind of needs we have, if we manage to bring up one kid well (ameen) I think we have hit home. But when I think of times when Zoey will be off to university inshallah, I already get upset and lonely. Maybe thats a reason enough to have more kids? I am not sure. I just wonder how bad will it be with a single child…..maybe it wont be bad at all…who knows?

Ps: Even though I have missed the deadline…..maybe god has other plans for us!

One thought on “Know kidding me

  1. Hi… I follow your blog off and on and I can relate to your post completely… I have one son as well and although I can have more kids (I think) my husband strongly feels one is more than enough…at first I would not agree but over the last 2 yrs its starting to make sense to me for various reasons…
    One yes we can definitely invest more time and resources on one vs more… And the way the world is progressing I feel things are going to get more difficult for our children (violence, anti muslim sentiments etc)…
    Also having children changes your life so much that as a working mom I feel I can bring up one very well but I’m not confident I can do so for more…
    Maybe its twisted thinking on my part… But anyway… Who knows maybe ill feel differently later because the thought of my little one going off to uni or getting married and leaving us in old age is scary… Dealing with the same emotion for more than one… Hmmm… 🙂

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