Dreaming of an artist

All during my pregnancy, apart from the general well being ki dua for the baby, there were certain other things I prayed for also. After all, there was no harm in asking allah mian for the kind of child I wanted. So, I hoped and prayed that the baby would take after the dad where music and dance was concerned. Hubby dearest loved to dance…..could dance on anybody’s shaadi and had a love for music. As for me, I cant dance to save my life and my love for music only includes cheap bollywood hits…..

~sigh~ I sadly admit so. So obviously I hoped the baby would take after the dad on this…along with taking up his artistic abilities. Hubby can do magic with pencils, pens, markers, paints….you name the medium. Yeah, I agree his artwork is not something I would put up in my room and flaunt, but nonetheless his artistic skills rock, if I may say so myself. So, obviously I also prayed and hoped that the baby would take after the dad once again where art was concerned (obviously with more colours and happy thoughts being expressed). As for me, I got into art school after being the last on the waiting list (I also think my mother did wazifas for me to get in) so that would define how good my skills are.

Now that the baby is 16 months old mashallah…..I tried to give her a feel of paints and colours. The result: She HATED painting because her hands and feet got dirty….but crayon experience was not that bad. I am still hoping and praying that with time she will become friendly with the paints and start enjoying arts….hopefully. Its too soon to give up, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Dreaming of an artist

  1. awww i love a nahaya-dhoya wet hair baby in a diaper!!! stick to big crayons and washable markers (Crayola’s are marvellous, they wash off with just paani!) for now, they’re easier to manipulate than paint.

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