of pregnant women and gender prediction

So, I am surrounded by ladies who are all ready to pop, are going to pop early next year and the rest are going to pop summer babies inshallah. Being surrounded by pregnant ladies obviously asks for some kind of prediction. Though, I have been classified by my hubby as being “full of shit” where […]

The numbers that never make sense

Borrowing this intresting concept (which was introduced a long time ago) from meyumsworld.wordpress.com…. 1  most loviliest guy as hubby 2  younger, mad sisters i have 3  family members we shall be in May inshallah 4  vacations with hubby already…..mashallah 5  family members in the house at the moment 6  days a week I work 7 […]

growing up and losing friends

Back in school days, I was one of those students who was popular because she had friends in all classes and almost all sections. Be it junior or senior, I knew other fellow schoolers because I would exchange books, I loved sharing lunches and if nothing else, I could sit with a total stranger and […]

random ramblings

~ People who blame being extremly busy on marriage, really need a better reason to bullshit. ~  It takes a man to accept and appreciate out loud how bold his wife is. ~ Being blamed for something thats not right can immediately throw you down in the dumps….

The law of attraction

In order to control the law of attraction, proponents state that people must practice four things: Know what you want. Ask the universe for it. Feel and behave as if the object of your desire is on its way. Be open to receiving it. Here is a picture of a place I know I want….am […]