Four years of amazement


Anyone who knows me even slightly, knows that I always wanted 3 daughters, Shanzeh, Alizeh and Simran. Actually the third name has always been under debate. Not sure whether I would have liked to name her Simran or Lajwanti. But here is the thing about life. It never ceases to surprise you. So, exactly four years and one week ago, my gynecologist told me that my life is quite precious and I should be happy with two kids and stop thinking about having a third one. I think she was talking more in terms of how difficult my pregnancies are, but now that I look back she could also be referring to the sanity levels in a polite manner.

Four years ago, today, I was given a white fluff ball in my arms, and I will admit I didnt know what to do with it. Zoey was given to me a week after she was born and I took that one week to catch up on sleep, food that I had not been allowed to eat for the last few months and gossip. But here was this baby who had a frown, needed constant attention, had the attitude that she was Gods gift to mankind and didn’t want to deal with nonsense.

Fast forward four years, this not so little one amazes me every single day. She makes my faith stronger, my sense of humor better, my google searches more elaborate, the book shelves messier, our bed seem smaller and no argument small enough to be ignored.

Thank you for teaching me that a hug can take care of any situation, reading a book will fix a bad mood, packing for travel is as exciting as travelling itself, beaches and a dip in the pool are important for the soul, and persistence will always pay off.

Happy Birthday Noor. I can feel my weight increase ten folds when people say you have my personality. May you always be happily loud and ready for adventure.

Ps: One day I will hopefully be able to answer your question “Mama how do you know Allah Mian is a he? Also, do you think he laughs loudly?”



One thought on “Four years of amazement

  1. Uff was reading and thinking total mini Bajo and then I reached the second last para haha, happy happy birthday to your little mini me may she also grow up to have a little cousin who looks up and admires her the way I have always with you!! 😊💕

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