Prayers in rain

This morning we woke up to a Karachi that looked and smelled beautiful. The morning, where you make a plan with friends to go out have breakfast and enjoy some fun moments together. Sadly, that didnt happen for me. After dropping Z to school, hubby went to his usual haunt to get morning coffee while […]

Those kind of friends

There is a reason why God sends testing times our way. For me, this testing time was brought forward, amongst other things to filter out the good friends from the acquaintances, and the acquaintances from the people I know and the people I know from the people I want to keep a distance from. As […]

Hopelessly optimistic

I have been staring at the empty wordpress window for the past 18 minutes….there is so much I want to write but for once I am at a loss of words. I cant decide whether I want to write a happy post, an honest post or just a post for the sake of blogging…. Just […]

The love affair

When facebook was launched, I was the last one to join it. Somehow, I am a person who detests changes. I kept on holding on to Orkut till I was made to believe how amazing (read life changing) facebook was. With privacy settings, the status updates and the amazing photo albums that could be uploaded, […]

Make Up talk

Saturday Morning, on the way to her class… Zoey: Mama, next when we go for groceries can I get something? Me: You always get something. What do you need? Zoey: I NEED to get a blush on for myself. Me, almost fainting: Blush on? Zoey: Yes mama. But not the stick one. I already have […]